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Life Insurance

Life insurance is an essential component of a well-balanced estate, business, or charitable plan. As estate planners, independent brokers, and members of M Financial Group, we are uniquely positioned to serve our affluent clients’ needs.

  • As estate planners, we understand a broad range of non-insurance planning strategies and how insurance can complement those strategies.
  • As independent brokers, we have access to the full range of shelf products. It is not uncommon to distribute a case to 50 carriers for the best rates available.
  • As an M Financial Group Member Firm, we have access to more than 36 proprietary products. These products are only available to M Member Firm clients and reflect M Financial’s 35 years of commitment in delivering significant benefits to clients in areas of of mortality, expense, and lapse experience.

Whether evaluating existing coverage, or the decision to purchase new coverage, the first step is to identify the need that insurance serves. For example, insurance can help accomplish the following:

  • Ensure that your estate plan is complete, regardless of when death occurs.
  • Keep a closely-held business in the family and protect it from liquidation to pay taxes.
  • When not all children are in the family business, ensure that all children are treated fairly.
  • Protect your income, repay debt, and provide security for your family.
  • Convert qualified plan assets, subject to estate and income tax following death, into tax-free dollars.

Like mutual funds or stocks in an investment portfolio, today’s life insurance contract is a financial instrument that should be reviewed regularly, answering the following questions:

  • How does life insurance continue to fit into the overall estate, business, or charitable plan?
  • Has the need for life insurance changed since it was originally purchased?
  • What is the most suitable product to meet the clients’ needs and how can it be tailored to serve them?
  • Are policy ownership and beneficiary designations correct?
  • Are the premiums being paid regularly and can less be paid while maintaining policy guarantees?
  • Have rates changed significantly since the insurance was originally purchased, i.e., is more cost effective coverage available?

Our clients benefit from:

  • Our planning expertise, which enables us to fully understand the big picture, i.e., how a clients’ planning strategies and insurance, as well as non-insurance, operate together.
  • A deep understanding of our clients’ financial position, goals, and objectives, and family dynamics allows us to make non-insurance planning recommendations, and select a suitable product, as well as manage policy payment options.
  • Our meticulous attention to detail and follow-up, which results in carefully monitored policy performance.
  • Our access to the full range of shelf products, as well as M Financial Group’s proprietary products.