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I had been very satisfied over the years with the legal and tax representation in regard to my estate planning, but establishing an association with Heritage Strategies truly created the synergy of making the whole more than the sum of the parts when it came to a comprehensive plan. My other advisors and family members find the people at Heritage a pleasure to work with and have an assurance of integrity and professionalism in their recommendations and actions. Importantly, they listen. Heritage takes the time to understand my perspective on matters affecting my estate and clearly expresses his approaches so there can be open discussion on issues before a plan is recommended. Heritage Strategies has my unqualified endorsement.

Robert E. Campbell
Vice Chairman (Retired)
Johnson & Johnson
Chairman (Retired)
Woody Johnson Foundation

There are several reasons why I chose to work with Heritage Strategies on my life insurance and estate plan. First, Heritage knows the business thoroughly and presents their proposal clearly. Second, Heritage comes to meetings fully prepared so we do not waste time. Third, Heritage is imaginative and presents new and interesting concepts. Fourth, their follow-up is incredible. I could go on, but I can sum up by stating that Heritage Strategies is a consummate professional and a pleasure to work with. Thank you Heritage for all your help over many years!

Martin J. Rabinowitz
Taconic Investment Partners

Heritage took my 'mile-high' stack of documents, financials, insurance policies, and qualified plans, broke them down into the simplest form, and transferred all of the data onto four templates which I can regularly review by myself and explain to my family with “The Heritage Book”. Their “Keep It Simple Stupid” approach bridges the gap between the complicated and the simplistic, and their seamless coordination with my advisory teams, means that I can choose the right options for my family and business. In addition, as a result of the quarterly follow up calls and annual review meeting, my estate plan is constantly updated as tax law changes occur and my objectives evolve. Heritage Strategies has my complete endorsement.

Mitchell R. Rechler
Managing Partner
Rechler Equity LLC

Heritage quickly became a trusted advisor in our collaboration on my estate planning. Heritage was able to quickly and adeptly understand my individual needs, and create a plan that perfectly addressed my goals. I relied heavily on Heritage’s advice and insight, and consider their partnership invaluable in the process.

Andrew N. Rosen
President & Co-CEO
Theory, LLC


My husband has enjoyed a successful career as a real estate lawyer. Consequently, I was not concerned about having enough money if something terrible were to happen. However, what concerned me greatly was not knowing exactly what investments, insurance and retirement plans we had, or who to contact about each if the need arose. Estate planning, by definition, is an emotional undertaking and forces one to face tough questions and make hard decisions, but Heritage did a brilliant job of walking us through the process in a comfortable, intelligent way. We addressed important family issues and came up with an improved and more tax efficient financial plan. The team at Heritage translated complex insurance, financial planning and tax concepts into user friendly English, organized our portfolio and other holdings, and synthesized all our financial information onto one clear, concise spreadsheet in “The Heritage Book”. I no longer worry about “What if…” because I am confident Heritage Strategies has everything under control.


Anne G. Ivanhoe

Heritage and I have worked on a number of business and personal projects over the past twenty years.  The team at Heritage is very articulate and knowledgeable in planning personal financial and estate matters and has recently revised my portfolios, which has allowed me to purchase another company, which will provide a sizable return on my investments. Co-Managing Partner, Thomas J. Fanning, Sr., also served on the Board of Continental Can and was an excellent and active board member.  Further, Tom has continued to advise me in a wide variety of personal and business related matters.  He is a most valued friend and colleague.

Donald J. Bainton (deceased, June 2010)
Chairman and CEO
Continental Can Company Inc.


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